Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nagant 1895 Revolver

Well, lately I have been looking at the nagant revolver for a personal purchase for its historic value and not as a defencive gun. The gun isn't that fast on rate of fire and the reload time is really bad compared to modern revolvers. But do not let this ever deter you from buying this handgun. Its a beautiful gun and its the only one of its kind that has a gas seal cylinder to to allow it to be suppressed. If you were wanting to buy this hand gun, do it you can never go wrong with it. For me, it will be in my collection.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Colt 1911 USMC

Today I was checking out the new colt 1911 marine core sidearm and I must say it looks amazing from its desert camo coating to the big bore 45 acp monster that it is. I currently can't find any for public sale but the 1911 100 years after its first implamentation into the military and being recontracted back in just shows what getting it right the first time means. Great job John Browning.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I'm Back

What's going on everyone its been a while since I have posted anything on my blog for a while. Been dealing with some family issues but now I'm back and would love to hear from everyone that follows or are new visitors to my blog, what you want to see and hear from me. I'll be posting again weekly but my blogs are ganna change from an educational view to just a consumer view instead let me know if you viewers like my new blogs or if I should go back to my first form thanks.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

22 Long Rifle

Designer: J. Stevens Arm & Tool Company
Designed: 1887

Bullet Average -
Weight: 32Gr
Velocity: 1600 fps
Energy: 190 ft-lbf

   The 22 caliber bullet has always been an American favorite for many of years. Shooters from any age have been enjoying this bullet from plinking to hunting. The 22 has been used from from training new and experienced shooters, the reason an experienced shooter would use it is because its light weight, easy to handle, and very cheap to shoot. Any body can get good with a gun with practice, but bullet prices fluctuate so much that it makes it difficult. That's why I advise everyone should have a 22 rifle or pistol just to practice if they cant on their normal platform. Many people say that this bullet isn't lethal, well their wrong. The 22 caliber bullet was used back in ww2 as an assassination bullet due to its lethality and lack of noise it creates. The 22 may not hold enough energy to knock a target down but it can easily penetrate even out to 300 meters with out any problem. Don't be miss lead about this little bullet. If you plan on using this bullet as a self defense round, just be sure to shoot for a vital area. All in all the 22 is a great and out standing bullet with many applications of use.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

357 Magnum

Designer: Elmer Keith, Phillip B. Sharpe
Year: 1934
Bullet Diameter: .357
Fired From a 4" Barrel:
Weight: 125gr
Velocity: 1600 fps
Energy: 700 ft - lbf

    The 357 magnum round is one of those bullets that just gives the shooter a feeling of power, and what power this round has. The 357 magnum is capable of doing what ever job you need it to do, and doesn't fall short at all. The bullet has been used from law enforcement, to military, to the civilian market. Ever since its design, the 357 has been know for stopping a target with as little as one shot, do to the massive trauma that this bullet creates as it enters the body. Through out the years the 357, mixed with the revolver or rifle that you use has been keeping people safe and is still one of the most popular revolver bullet on the market. If you are going to be buying a revolver or rifle chambered in the 357, you cant go wrong from self protection all the way to hunting. Let the reputation this round has developed over the years to be the judge. But to me, it will always be the best revolver bullet choice you can make.


Origin: Soviet Union
Designed: 1943
Projectile: .30 Caliber

Fired from a 16" Barrel:
Weight - 123gr FMJ
Velocity - 2400 FPS
Energy - 1530 FT-LBF

    The 7.62x39 cartridge is a very well known and used bullet from the common ak47 to the sks platform of rifles. The 7.62 or 30 caliber bullet has been around for a while, with some slight improvements to its design. The 7.62x39 really has spoken for its self threw the years as having one of the highest kill count out of any other round know to this date, same goes for the ak47. From personal use, I have found this round and is know to be a very good barrier breaker. There have been many tests on this bullet for its ballistic characteristics and have found that it doesn't do very much damage internally to the target. But even so, this round produces high trauma to the human or animal body that stops and puts the target down. This round can also be found in the hallow point, and causes extremely devastating wounds to anything in the bullets path. If you have thoughts of using this round for long range you might want to look at another bullet. There is nothing wrong with accuracy of this round, but it has a major drop after 200 yards that would make shooting long ranger very difficult. All in all the 7.62x39 is a very good and battle proven cartridge, and if you have any thoughts about getting a rifle chambered in this round, you wouldn't be disappointed.

300 AAC Blackout

    The new 300 AAC Blackout round developed by Advanced Armament Corporation, was intended to do everything the 5.56 could and do it better. AAC developed this round with the thought of our troops on the field, they this new round to accomplish everything that the soldiers were complaining about the 5.56. With a plus added, the round can be fired with a suppressor attached to the firearm and function properly. There are people that believe our troops should be using a .30 cal round since its a heavier round which means it will hold more energy and be able to penetrate barriers better than the .224 caliber round that is the 5.56. The 300 Blackout round being new means that it would be more difficult for people to get a holed of it at this time, and the prices would be very expensive. But the benefit of the 300 Blackout is that it uses the same brass as the 5.56. There are many tutorials on how to reload this round and its simpler than you could think. When comparing the 300 to the 7.62x39 round used in the very common ak47 or in sks rifles, the 300 Blackout out performs greater than the 7.62x39 by about 5%. What this means is that it hold it's energy for a much greater distance and when fired out of the M16/M4/AR15, it's just a great combination with accuracy and stopping power. There is still a lot of testing to be done on this round but it is truly showing great promise. On another aspect to change your rifle from the 5.56 to the new 300 Blackout is as simple as just changing the barrel.

Bullet weights range from 122 -220 grain bullets.

122 grain fired through a 16 inch barrel:
Velocity - 2500 fps
muzzle energy - 1350 ft-lbf